Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Top 10 Worst Celebrity Tattoos

10. Amy Winehouse
Sure, Amy Winehouse has bigger problems than this trashy tattoo. But still, we don't know that we'd get the name of the guy who got us into crack and destroyed our career tattooed on our chest. But that's just us.

9. Johnny Depp
We forgive him because he's just so damn cool and because he got it changed after breaking up with Winona Ryder, but now it says "WINO FOREVER." Not that much better.

8. Jamie Foxx
OK. So you won an Academy Award. But does that really warrant wrapping your body in this alien-like tribal design? Soon it might look like number 7.

7. Pamela Anderson
She realizes that the armband thing doesn't look quite, uh, like it used to, and is rumoured to be getting it removed.

6. Nick Carter
Apparently, he didn't get the memo that spelling Kaos with a K doesn't make him anymore hard.

5. Cher
Acutally, the flower wings on Cher's bum are not the craziest things she's worn.

4. Mark Whalberg
Just, ya know, in case he forgets his last name. Or initials.

3. Celebrity chef Michael Symon
It's kind of gross to have pictures of cute little pigs attached to a banner that reads "Got Pork." We're not sure if it makes it better or worse that he's a chef.

2. Sisqo
Yes, that's a sun tattooed around Sisqo's belly button. Maybe he was trying to distract us away from that silver hair.

1. Steve-O
We're pretty sure that the funny-factor lasted even less long than Steve-O's career.

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